with Sara Della Porta

Michele Sganga meets the exquisite singing of Sara Della Porta, creating a brand new duo which repertoire explores contemporary music till jazz language. Their first release for Lumi Edizioni Musicali is Magnificat - a Cantata for Soprano and Piano - where through the inspiring biblical chant, they propose a sort of dissolution and recomposition of the lost spirituality in our contemporary society. 

with Valeria Luccioni

Being friends for more than two decades, Michele Sganga and Valeria Luccioni keep sharing ideas and reflections on art and life, often finding themselves collaborating across time on inter-artes-projects, in many different formats: starting from the exhibition/concert Musical Animal (2010), till their upcoming brand new release, Orvydas Garden, consisting both in music scores and reproductions of Valeria’s visual art-works, published by Lumi Edizioni Musicali.

with Elisabetta Sgarbi

Michele Sganga has composed some of the music for the movie “Extraliscio. Punk da Balera. Si ballerà, finché entra la luce dell’alba” presented at Venice Film Festival. 

Furthermore, with several concerts and performances since 2013, Sganga has been yearly part of "La Milanesiana" International Festival, which Elisabetta Sgarbi has created and been directing for 21 years, so far.

with Ocean Vuong

Since 2018 Michele Sganga has been collaborating with Vietnamese American poet and novelist Ocean Vuong on a song cycle, Vuong’s Eleven, based on his poetry collection Night Sky with Exit Wounds. 
Inspired by Vuong’s experimentation with language, Sganga felt that music could make his words and message even more powerful. For Sganga this work is also an invaluable opportunity to raise awareness of LGBT+ rights, which he feel strongly about since he belongs to this community.

with University College London 

Commissioned by UCL, Michele Sganga has composed two original scores so far, performed live in  various occasions. The two soundtracks are both for Guazzoni's silent movies: “Quo Vadis” and “Cajus Julius Caesar”, for whose execution he was also invited to Los Angeles by the University of California (UCLA).

with Extraliscio

Michele Sganga has been many times part of the Band as a featuring in some of their live performances. In Extraliscio's latest released album "E' bello perdersi", Sganga played the instrumental version of Secondo Casedei's "Dolore" (Cd 2 - Track 7), which he re-arranged adding an original music contribution.

with IIC Cracow

Since 2014, Michele Sganga has been playing in Poland many times, invited by the Italian Cultural Institute of Cracow. The first occasion it was at the opening of the chamber season 2014-2015 of Cracow Philharmonic, and then again in 2018  at the Karol Szymanowski Museum (Villa Atma, Zakopane ). In 2021, on October he will be giving concerts in Cracow and in Warsaw.